About Us

Fellowship trained in the treatment of movement disorders, the GNC team offers extensive experience in state-of-the-art patient care. As experts in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and other neuromodulation therapies, GNC focuses on maintaining and restoring function while providing lasting relief from patient-specific disease symptoms through the use of surgical and non-surgical treatments.

We offer specialized consultation for the treatment of:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Essential tremor
  • Dystonia
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Huntington’s disease

GNC offers services to patients, family members, and caregivers. GNC’s face-to-face physician consultation time, individualized treatment plans and customized education materials help patients take an active role in directing their care and achieving personalized quality-of-life goals.

Not only do we assist the patient, but we offer training and ongoing support for the local physician that carries out principle, day-to-day care. GNC has served as a resource for physicians and healthcare providers worldwide. Referring physicians receive consultation and training with ongoing patient-specific communication regarding advances in treatment options including, but not limited to, DBS. Together we work to ensure newly diagnosed patients get off to the right start and that all patients receive optimal care.



Jaime English, Medical Administrative Assistant

Benjamin Beck, Executive Director


Long-term success depends on our commitment to collaboration. By teaming with generous donors, industry partners, government agencies and foundations, we will advance research, train the next generation of leaders and empower physicians worldwide.

Meet our current partners:

Thiel College

Located in Greenville, Pennsylvania and known for its commitment to student success and growth, Thiel boasts dedicated faculty, numerous leadership opportunities and a wide variety of student activities and organizations.

In 2005, we joined Thiel in developing the Thiel College Neuroscience Program, an interdisciplinary endeavor that both exploits and improves the interface between biology and psychology. The program emphasizes experiential learning by requiring students to gain laboratory experience, take field trips, and complete internships and senior research projects. In doing so it prepares students for graduate programs in neuroscience, biology and psychology, and professional programs in various areas of allied health. It also readies them for such entry-level positions as technologist and sales representative.

In addition to working with Thiel College’s Neuroscience Program, GNC has developed innovative, auxiliary partnerships with medical device manufacturers and other biotechnology leaders. These partnerships will benefit GNC patients, Thiel students and medical communities worldwide.

Greenville Area Economic Development Corporation (GAEDC)

A private, nonprofit, local corporation established to promote the economic well-being of the Greenville Area and its citizens, GAEDC aids new businesses and helps to retain established ones for the purpose of creating jobs in the region.

Careers at GNC

We’d like to hear about the skills, experience, and attributes that have prepared you to join our team in the satisfying pursuit of improving people’s lives every day. View current job opportunities by visiting our Careers page.  To apply for an open position, please include a detailed resume or CV and cover letter.   Credentials can be sent to info@grnneuromod.com.