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From understanding the challenges of identifying the optimal target, the course covers principles of electricity, electronics, neuroelectrophysiology, intraoperative clinical assessment, and regional anatomy. Cases illustrate the application of practical approaches and principles to DBS targeting.

  • Module 1 – $2,400
  • Module 2 – $2,400
  • Module 3 – $1,400

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Resources for users of Deep Brain Stimulation Programming: Mechanisms, Principles and Practice (Oxford University Press, 2016) as well as other documents and links for healthcare professionals.

Microelectrode Recordings: How Much is Enough?

Microelectrode Recordings (MERs) It would appear obvious that there is a great diversity in surgical approaches to Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) lead implantation. In the near mathematical impossibility of randomized control trials that pits each different approach against the others, how is one to decide which approach or method is best? These newsletters have argued that even in the absence of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), the surgeon still has the responsibility of doing what is reasonabl... Read More