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Accuracy or Precision – More than a Matter of Semantics

“Consistency [precision] is about engineering, accuracy is about knowledge.” – Anonymous Authors discussing various methods for targeting in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) use the term “accuracy” when, in actuality, they mean precision. Precision refers to the repeatability or reproducibility of a method or intervention. The question becomes, how often is the target “hit” on repeated […]

Deep Brain Stimulation Lead Implantation Surgery – Awake or Asleep?

“To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there’s the rub.” — Hamlet (III, i, 65-68), Shakespeare The great diversity of surgical methods for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) lead implantation raises interesting issues. A neurologist looking in from the outside would have to ask the question, are all of the implantation approaches right? To be sure, even […]