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Risk Involved in Advancing Microelectrodes with Tips Withdrawn

We recently learned that some intraoperative neurophysiologists and neurosurgeons utilize the large indifferent or reference electrical contact for macrostimulation during targeting of the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) lead. Such macrostimulation may be useful to infer the regional anatomy and physiology of the electrode location and to, perhaps, anticipate post-operative clinical response. Those interested in a fuller […]

Helpful Hints at the Time of DBS Lead Implantation

It is the little things that usually get you and they are the hardest to anticipate. While I am not a neurosurgeon, it appears to me that Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) lead implantation surgery has a lot of moving parts, any one of which can go wrong. One of the best descriptions of the surgery […]

Microelectrode Arrays versus Single Electrodes

“Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it’s always something—if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” – Roseanne Roseannadanna (Gilda Radner) Saturday Night Live, NBC television There is great diversity between surgical approaches for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) lead implantation; however, there is no “smoking gun” evidence for one approach over another. However, it […]